Cricket Umpires Australia


Over the next two seasons (2022/23 & 2023/24) Associations and Clubs throughout the country will make their transition from the current MyCricket administrative system to the new PlayHQ platform.

One of the primary benefits of PlayHQ is the ability to plug in ‘best in breed’ software solutions in order to continually build out a broader suite of Club & Competition management tools to improve both the volunteering & participant experience.

During the extensive research phase of the project Australian Cricket identified the need to improve the current umpire management offering. With no ‘complete end to end solution’ for umpire management being a part of the PlayHQ core offering, Australian Cricket is working to build out a dedicated Umpire Management solution that will be integrated into PlayHQ. This solution will be known as OfficialsHQ. OfficialsHQ will cover all aspects of umpire management such as availability nomination, automatic match allocation, payment management, umpire reports and match reports to name a few.

As each Competition makes their transition to PlayHQ over the coming seasons, each corresponding umpire Association will also transition onto OfficialsHQ. Those umpire Associations who will be onboarded ahead of the 2022/23 season will soon receive confirmation from their respective State & Territory Cricket Associations. This confirmation will be followed by a comprehensive training & support framework to ensure a smooth transition for all umpire Associations and their respective umpires.