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Western Australia Cricket Umpire Awards and Finals

23 May 2018


The Western Australia Cricket Association held their Annual Olly Cooley Medal count and Presentation last month. Among the awards announced were the Premier Umpires of the Year from each Grade.

Trent Steenholdt was named First Grade Umpire of the Year Award, while Jarryd Buscall won the Peter McConnell Medal as Most Promising Umpire. Congratulations to all award winners.

Full List of Award Winners

• 1st Grade Umpire of the Year – Trent Steenholdt

• 2nd Grade Umpire of the Year – Daniel Smith

• 3rd Grade Umpire of the Year – Ahmad Khan

• 4th Grade Umpire of the Year – Garth McCorie

• Peter McConnell Medal Winner – Most Promising Umpire – Jarryd Buscall

Premier Finals

First Grade

Premiers: Claremont-Nedlands

Umpires: Nathan Johnstone and Todd Rann (Reserve: Daniel Skinn)


Western Australia

Second Grade

Premiers: Bayswater-Morley

Umpires: Trent Steenholdt and James Hewitt (Reserve: Andrew Micenko)


Western Australia

Third Grade

Premiers: Melville

Umpires: Dean Trigg and John Taylor (Reserve: Jarryd Buscall)


Western Australia

Fourth Grade

Premiers: South Perth

Umpires: Jack Paterson and Daniel Gibbons (Reserve: John Sherry)


Female A Grade

Premiers: Melville

Umpires: Reuben Garlett and Alex Hall


Female B Grade

Premiers: Melville

Umpires: Martin Brennan and Colin Ogilvie