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Victorian Cricket Umpire Awards & Premier Finals

08 May 2018

VIC Premier Finals

The Victorian Cricket Association Umpires & Scorers Association held their end of season awards dinner on 27 April.

The event celebrated all the award winners from the season. Highlights from the event included a presentation from new Cricket Victoria CEO Andrew Ingleton and the crowning of the First XI Umpire of the Year David Shepard.

Full list of award winners

• Robin Bailhache Commitment Award – Damian Herft

• Cricket Victoria Umpire Service Recognition Award – Rod McKinnon

• Jim Phillips First XI Award – David Shepard

• Dave Elder Second XI Award – Chris Grant

• Ron Wright Third XI Award – Ian Leach

• Andre Barlow Fourth XI Award – Paul Baleisa

• Cameron Medal Scorer of the Year Award – Billy Lincoln (Casey/South Melbourne CC)


Full list of Premier Finals Umpire Appointments and results


Victorian Men’s Premier Firsts

Premiers: Dandenong

Umpires: Phil Gillespie and David Shepard (Reserve: Steve Brne)



Victorian Men’s Premier Seconds

Premiers: St Kilda

Umpires: Matthew Robertson and Chris Grant (Reserve: Russ Turner)



Victorian Men’s Premier Thirds

Premiers: Melbourne University

Umpires: Lou Tenace and Ian Leach (Reserve Jason Veale)



Victorian Men’s Premier Fourths

Premiers: Carlton

Umpires: Paul Baleisa and Alfred Gaughan (Graeme Lloyd)



Victorian Women’s Premier Firsts

Premiers: Box Hill

Umpires: Ron Birch and Vince Borg (Reserve: Adam Hawking)



Victorian Women’s Premier Reserves

Premiers: Essendon Maribyrnong Park

Umpires: Mark Malmberg and Jamie Wyatt (Reserve: Mathew Rogers)



Victorian Women’s Premier Seconds

Premiers: Ringwood

Umpires: Lisa McCabe and Alan McCarthy (Reserve: Michael Nolan)