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Off-field preparation key for strong on-field performances

05 February 2019

National Cahampionships

The Match Officials team appointed to the Cricket Australia Under 15 Male National Championships will arrive on the Sunshine Coast fully prepared for the tournament ahead.

Ten Umpires and two Tournament Referees have been assembled from around the country to oversee the upcoming tournament. Much like the players and coaches, the match officials group come together from different competitions around the country, all with their own local flavour. Whilst the fundamentals stay the same, officiating at a national level provides the opportunity to refine certain aspects to help umpires develop on their own pathways. Since being appointed, the Match Officials team have had to familiarise themselves with Playing Conditions, the umpire assessment processes, competition logistics and most importantly get to know each other and come together as a team.

In the lead up to the tournament, the team have been briefed both individually and as a group with what they can expect during the competition. State Umpire Managers and Coaches around the country meet with their representatives to discuss individual goals and expectations. The Match Officials then assemble as a group via teleconference to discuss Playing Conditions and an overview of what to expect over the week. The aim of these sessions is to provide the umpires with as much information as possible to guide them through the competition. Finally, the team will meet face-to-face at the pre-Championship meeting, the day before games get underway.

During the tournament, the team will regularly meet to discuss what lies ahead for the day. Similarly, a debrief takes place at the end of each match. The Tournament Referees then have an important job to observe minor round games before selecting Umpires for the finals. However, the experience is still not complete once the last run is scored or wicket is taken. Each Umpire will then receive a post-Tournament report identifying positives and areas for improvement they can then take back to implement in their local competitions.

The on-field team this year includes several umpires who have officiated at National Championships in the past. Deanne Young brings with her a wealth of experience, having officiated in most CA National Championships since first umpiring in the ACT Premier Competition in 2012. Victorians Greg Azzopardi and Luke Edwards were recently appointed to the CA Under 18 Female and 15 Years & Under male Championships respectively. Queenslander Nathan James and Tasmanian Simon Burns officiated in last season’s tournament, the former making his third appearance this season. Likewise, South Australian Giorgio Profiris and West Australian Dean Trigg also have National Championships under their belts. New South Welshmen Sharad Patel and Vince Calabro together with Queenslander Daniel Rosolen have been appointed to their first CA National Championships.

Overseeing proceedings will be Tournament Referees Steve Davis and Kent Hannam. Former ICC Elite Panel member Davis is also a National Umpire Selector, whilst Hannam is a member of the Cricket Australia Supplementary Match Referee Panel.

Match Officials
• Greg Azzopardi | VIC
• Simon Burns | TAS
• Vince Calabro | NSW
• Luke Edwards | VIC
• Nathan James | QLD
• Sharad Patel | NSW
• Giorgio Profiris | SA
• Daniel Roselen | QLD
• Dean Trigg | WA
• Deanne Young | ACT
• Steve Davis | Tournament Referee
• Kent Hannam | Tournament Referee