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Umpires take giant leap into virtual reality world

02 January 2019

02-050219 Virtual reality

Cricket Australia (CA) has launched a world-first virtual reality cricket umpiring App, giving people the chance to see what it’s like umpiring professional cricket.

The Virtual Umpire App gives people the chance to experience being in the middle of a professional cricket match, making decisions based on deliveries in a Twenty20 match environment.

Crowd noise, appeals and match sounds enhance the experience, helping to give a true insight into an umpire’s decision-making process in the high-pressure environment of elite cricket. The App also allows users to choose between standing at bowler’s end or square leg, providing different training opportunities.

CA Match Officials Manager, Sean Easey, said:

“This App is a world-first in cricket officiating and will allow current umpires to test their knowledge and skill in a professional cricket atmosphere. It also allows new and prospective umpires an insight into what it is like to umpire on an international cricket ground. With the App we are hoping to continue to engage with our current umpires within Australia and engage with those who wish to become Cricket Umpires”

As part of the App, instant feedback is provided on decision making – including the ability to replay each delivery with ball tracking, while a score tab is available at the end of each over. The App is available for free on both Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the App store or through the suite of Cricket Australia Apps.