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Cricket Tasmania Umpire Awards and Premier Finals

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The Tasmanian Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association held their end of season awards dinner last month. The event capped off a successful season for all the award winners.

Cricket Australia National Umpiring Panel member Mike Graham-Smith claimed the State’s top Umpiring Award for season 2020/21. Congratulations to all award winners this season.

Full list of award winners
• State Umpire of the Year Award – Mike Graham-Smith
• Michael Lee Memorial Trophy, Cricket Tasmania Premier League Umpire of the Year – Craig Seabourne
• Hazel Bradshaw Memorial Trophy for Scorer of the Year – Nathan Bester (Lindisfarne CC)
• Alan Powell Memorial Trophy for Service to the TCUSA – Jamie Mitchell
• Bob Reid Memorial Trophy for Most Dedicated Umpire – Niel Hoque
• Don Edwards Trophy for Most Improved Umpire – Priyanjith Silva
• Tas Trophy House Most Improved Scorer – Vijay Seshadri (University CC)
• DW Rogers Perpetual Trophy for Best First Year Umpire – Haritha de Silva
• Tasmanian Trophy House Best First Year Scorer – Kavindu Abeyweera (University CC)
• President’s Award – Graeme Hamley
• Atlas Medal for Most Games – Brett Walker
• Heapy/Pollard Medal for First Grade – Wade Stewart
• Caroline McGregor Medal for Women’s Cricket Umpire of the Year – Brett Walker
• Tim Swifte Medal for Second Grade – Hasan Mahmudal
• Mark "Oscar" Gillard Medal for Third Grade – Roy Saumendra
• Steve Maxwell Medal for Lower Grades – Haritha de Silva

Full Coverage from the Awards Night here