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Cricket Tasmania Umpire Awards and Premier Finals

14 May 2018

Sam Nogajski

The Tasmanian Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association announced their 2017-18 Award winners earlier this year.

Cricket Australia National Umpiring Panel member Sam Nogajski claimed the State’s top Umpiring Award for the 8th year running. Congratulations to all award winners this season.

Full list of award winners

• State Umpire of the Year Award – Sam Nogajski

• Michael Lee Memorial Trophy, Cricket Tasmania Premier League Umpire of the Year – Jaimie Mitchell

• Hazel Bradshaw Memorial Trophy for TCUSA Scorer of the Year – Jan Butterworth

• Alan Powell Memorial Trophy for Service to the TCUSA – Karun DT

• Bob Reid Memorial Trophy for Most Dedicate Umpire – Graeme Hamley

• TCUSA Trophy for Most Improved Umpire – Gil Van Der Steege

• Tasmanian Trophy House Most Improved Scorer – Michelle Pinnington

• DW Rogers Perpetual Trophy for Best First Year Umpire – Bob Ives

• Tasmanian Trophy House Best First Year Scorer – Roy Loh

• Presidents Award – Richard Widows

• Atlas Award for Most Games – Gil Van Der Steege

• Heapy/Pollard Medal for First Grade – Huhammad Qureshi

• Tim Swifte Medal for Second Grade – Craig Seabourne

• Mark "Oscar" Gillard Medal for Third Grade – Jessey Dillon

• Steve Maxwell Medal for Lower Grades – Andrew Ikin

• A Sport For All Community Match Official of the Year – Ray Howe (Burnie Cricket League)

• Cricket Tasmania Premier League Chairman’s Award for Merit – Wade Stewart, Mark DuSautoy and Rob Godfrey

• Cricket Tasmania Premier League Team of the Year – Muhammad Qureshi and Jamie Mitchell


Full list of Premier Finals Umpire Appointments and results


Premier League First Grade

Premiers: Clarence

Umpires: Mike Graham-Smith and Darren Close (Reserve: Will Braid)



Premier League Second Grade

Premiers: Kingborough

Umpires: Muhammad Qureshi and Jamie Mitchell (Reserve: Karun DT)



Premier League Third Grade

Premiers: Clarence

Umpires: Greg Beechey and Wade Stewart (Reserve: Gilbert van der Steege)



Premier League Women’s

Premiers: Kingborough

Umpires: Harvey Wolff and Greg Beechey