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Cricket Australia applauds AO and OAM recipients

27 January 2021

Jan Howard

Cricket Australia congratulates those in the cricket community who received the Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division (OAM) recently.

Cricket Australia scorers Janet Howard, Kevin O’Neill, Craig Reece, and Michael Walsh all received an OAM for “service to cricket”. All four officiate for their club in Victoria’s Premier Cricket competition. Howard has been the club scorer for the Ringwood Cricket Club since the 1970’s. Ringwood were admitted to the Victorian Premier Cricket competition in 1974/75 and Howard made her First Grade debut the within two seasons. In the years since, Howard has been appointed as scorer in 43 One Day Internationals, 70 First-Class and a further 48 List-A matches. Howard recently went passed the 650 First Grade milestone for the Ringwood Cricket Club.

Carlton Cricket Club scorer Kevin O’Neill has occupied the First Grade scorers chair since 1971. O’Neill has been the appointed scorer in 33 Test Matches, 63 One Day Internationals, 186 First-Class and 39 List-A matches. Since his first match, O’Neill has been Carlton’s First Grade scorer in 596 matches. Kingston-Hawthorn Cricket Club scorer Craig Reece has been scoring for his club since 1973 when the club was known as Hawthorn-East Melbourne. Since then, Reece has sat in the scorers’ chair in 25 Test Matches, 22 One Day Internationals, 69 First-Class and 46 List-A matches. This has been in addition to his 600 First Grade matches for his club.

Finally, Essendon Cricket Club scorer Mike Walsh has been scoring cricket matches since the 1960’s. Walsh scored in his debut First Grade game in 1963. This season’s Boxing Day Test Match was Walsh’s 96th Test Match having fulfilled his duties at both home and abroad. Walsh has also penned in 228 One Day Internationals, 164 First-Class and 77 List-A matches. Walsh is also due to bring up his 700th First Grade match for the Essendon Cricket Club and his senior cricket tally is approaching the 1,300 game mark.

Nick Hockley, Cricket Australia’s Interim CEO, thanked and congratulated everyone in the cricket community recognised for their outstanding service and contribution to Australian society. “It is so inspiring to see the positive impact these recipients have made on the community through cricket, Hockley said. Whether at the international level…, or through local clubs and associations, these women and men have contributed so much to cricket, and their community and it is wonderful to see their respective contributions recognised in this way. On behalf of the Australian Cricket family, we thank them for everything they have given to cricket and to Australian society in general. Their dedication and selflessness is a lesson to us all and we are both proud of your achievements and sincerely grateful for all that you have given to the game.”