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Sam Nogajski travels to India for Ranji Trophy fixtures

11 November 2016

National Umpire Panel member Sam Nogajski has been appointed to two Ranji Trophy fixtures, as part of the international umpire exchange program between Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand.

His first Ranji Trophy fixture is scheduled in Mysore between Uttar Pradesh and Mumbai commencing on Sunday 13 November. He’ll then travel to Nagpur for his second appointment between Tamil Nadu and Punjab, starting on Monday 21 November. In season 2015/16 Nogajski travelled to South Africa as part of the long standing initiative, whilst he travelled to New Zealand the previous year. John Ward (India) and Geoff Joshua (New Zealand) made up the Australian trio to experience the exchange opportunity last year. Meanwhile, umpires from the three countries will stand in Australian domestic fixtures in early 2017.