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South Australia Cricket Umpire Awards

06 May 2022

SACA Awards

The 2021-22 South Australian Cricket Premier Cricket season drew to a close last month when the South Australia Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association held their end of season awards presentation in Adelaide.

The season’s umpiring and scoring awards were presented with the season’s top prize going to Darran Swain who took out the Tony Crafter Award for the second year running. Craig Thomas was earlier named the South Australia Umpire of the Year at the Bradman & Rolton Medal event.

Full list of award winners

SACA Premier Cricket Umpire of the Year – Craig Thomas
Tony Crafter Award – Panel 1 Umpire of the Year: Darran Swain
Joyce McMenamin Award – Judy Little
Max O’Connell Award – Panel 2 Umpire of the Year: John Nemcic
Davis-Harper Award – Panel 3 Umpire of the Year: Tim Tonkin
Mel McInnes Award – Panel 4 Umpire of the Year: Edward Branson
Colin Egar Award – Panel 5 Umpire of the Year: Richard Williams
Development Squad Umpire of the Year: Tim Tonkin
John Wilson Award – Merlin Amos (Para Districts CA)
Peter Weeks Award – Community Umpire of the Year: Andrew Tyson (ATCA)
Buckett-Hammond Award – Scorer of the Year: Lesley Quaini (Woodville CC)
Hall of Fame Inductee: Thomas Lowrey OAM

2021/22 Match Officials Milestones

Umpiring Milestones
Michial Farrow – 500 games
Bruce Stribley – 500 games
Dhaval Bhatt – 200 games
Tim Hart – 200 games
Anthony Laintoll - 200 games 
James Asseton - 100 games 
Shaun Hughes – 100 games
Kurt Miegel – 100 games
Sumit Sindhu – 100 games
Shaun Wild – 100 games
John Williams – 100 games

Scorer Milestones
Neil Ricketts – 600 games
Ian Graham – 300 games
Hitesh Bajoria – 100 games