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South Australia Cricket Umpire Awards & Premier Finals

Craig Thomas

The South Australia Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association held their end of season awards dinner on the 19th May in Adelaide.

The season’s umpiring and scoring awards were presented throughout the night with the season’s top prize going to Craig Thomas who took out the Tony Crafter Award.

Full list of award winners

• Hall of Fame Inductees – Rita Artis and Steve Davis

• Tony Crafter Award – Craig Thomas

• Joyce McMenamin Award – Margaret Weddell

• Max O’Connell Award – Eloise Sheridan

• Davis-Harper Award – Ed Branson

• Mel McInnes Award – Mary Waldron

• Colin Egar Award – Richard Shanahan

• Ashley Hunter Award – Giorgio Profiris

• John Wilson Award – Bob Woods

• Peter Weeks Award – Thilak Ambepitiyia

• Buckett-Hammond Award – Peter Hutton

Full list of Premier Finals Umpire Appointments and results

West End First Grade

Premiers: Tea Tree Gully

Umpires: Craig Thomas and Luke Uthenwoldt


West End Second Grade

Premiers: Sturt

Umpires: Harsimran SIngh and Bruce Stribley


West End Third Grade

Premiers: Tea Tree Gully

Umpires: Adrian Drosd and Darran Swain


West End Fourth Grade

Premiers: Sturt

Umpires: Dhaval Bhatt and Eloise Sheridan


Statewide Women’s First Grade

Premiers: West Torrens

Umpires: Michael Williamson and Bill Marshall


Statewide Women’s Second Grade

Premiers: Northern District

Umpires: Steve Warren and Tony Trist