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Premier Cricket underway

17 October 2018

Premier Cricket

Premier Cricket has begun across the country with players and match officials embarking on another Australian summer.

The next generation of elite cricketers will compete for premierships, milestones and higher honours over the next six months. State and Territory Match Officials have also begun their season with several significant milestones surpassed in the early rounds.

In New South Wales, John Evans will bring up his 400th Sydney Cricket Association match. His tally notably includes 253 Sydney First Grade Matches in a journey that commenced over 22 years ago. Evans is a committed member of the New South Wales Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association having contributed as Merchandise Officer, Educator, Mentor and Umpire.

Victorian Umpire Dan Bomford officiated in his 600th Victorian Premier Cricket Match in the opening Round. Bomford is veteran of over 300 First Grade Matches in Victoria having commenced back in the 1980/81 season. Graeme Lloyd also passed a significant milestone officiating in his 400th Victorian Premier Match. Lloyd is one of the dedicated Mentor Umpires in Victoria standing in over 100 Second Grade and 200 Fourth Grade Matches. Lloyd is just the sixth current Victorian Premier Umpire who has reached the 400-game Milestone.

In South Australia, Bruce Stribley officiated in his 400th Premier Cricket Match. A veteran of over 100 First Grade Matches, Stribley marked the commencement of his 20th season on-field surpassing the milestone in the round one First Grade match between Prospect and Kensington. 

Queensland Premier Cricket commenced their season back at the beginning of September. Umpire Ross Howard is rapidly approaching the 650 Milestone as the season is progressing.

The Tasmanian and ACT Premier Cricket seasons are also now underway. More information on Premier Cricket across Australia is available through the Community Cricket Website.