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New South Wales Cricket Umpire Awards

30 April 2020

Ben Treloar

The New South Wales Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association have announced their 2019/20 season Award Winners.

The winners were announced last week with an official function unable to go ahead due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Ben Treloar won prestigious Geroge Borwick Memorial Award for a fourth time having previously won the medal in 2012/13, 2016/17 & 2018/19. Darren Goodger also re-wrote the record books taking out the Panel 1 Award for the fifth consecutive year and an incredible tenth time overall. Another umpire breaking records was Graham Glazebrook who also won the Kevin Pye Medal for a fifth consecutive year.

Full List of Award Winners

• George Borwick Memorial Award 2019/20 – Ben Treloar
• Panel 1 Award 2019/20 – Darren Goodger
• Panel 2 Award 2019/20 – Mitchell Claydon
• Panel 3 Award 2019/20 – Geoff Garland and Julian Humphrey
• Panel 4 Award 2019/20 – Elizabeth O’Dwyer
• Kevin Pye Medal: Country Umpire of the Year 2019/20 – Graham Glazebrook
• Alan Marshall Medal: Best new Umpire 2019/20 - Mohit Uppal
• Ted Wykes Medal: affiliated association 2019/20 – David Cullen (Illawarra CUA)
• Malcolm Gorham Scorers’ Award 2019/20 – Sarah Berman (UTS North Sydney)

The top six the George Borwick Memorial Award were:

• Berend du Plessis
• Clay Finnemore
• Geoff Garland
• Kedar Oza
• Sharad Patel
• Ben Treloar

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