Cricket Umpires Australia


National Indigenous Championships – Alice Springs

11 February 2019


The Cricket Australia (CA) National Indigenous Cricket Championships (NICC) Finals Day has arrived in Alice Springs.

New South Wales have reached the Finals in both Men’s and Women’s Divisions where their opponents will be Queensland (men’s) and Victoria (women’s). Both of today’s Finals will be held at Albrecht Oval in Alice Springs. All eight States and Territories were represented within the Match Officials team that oversaw the Tournament. Queensland Umpire Colin Morris and South Australia’s Jamaldeen Shakoordeen will be on-field for the Women’s Final at Albrecht Oval. The Men’s Final will follow at the same venue where West Australian Rueben Garlett and New South Wales representative Daniel Moran will oversee proceedings. This year’s Final is the second consecutive Final appointment for Garlett who oversaw last year’s Final between New South Wales and Victoria.

This year’s competition took on an all T20 format in both divisions providing all Match Officials with an increased number of games to stand in from previous seasons. All tournament umpires performed very well in sometimes trying conditions with the temperature in the Red Centre reaching above 40 degrees on occasions. This year’s tournament was overseen by Cricket Australia Supplementary Match Referee Panel member David Johnston.

National Indigenous Cricket Championships Match Officials
• Colin Morris | QLD
• Andrew Ikin | TAS
• Reuben Garlett | WA
• Jamaldeen Shakoordeen | SA
• Gaurav Bawa | VIC
• Daniel Moran | NSW
• Margaret Marshall | NSW
• Paul Wright | ACT
• Kumar Jeyakkumar | ACT
• Robert Stewart | NT
• David Johnston | Tournament Referee

Women’s Division Final
New South Wales vs Victoria, Monday 11 February at 11am (ACST) – Albrecht Oval
Umpires: Colin Morris & Jamaldeen Shakoordeen

Men’s Division Final
New South Wales vs Queensland, Monday 11 February at 3pm (ACST) – Albrecht Oval
Umpires Rueben Garlett & Daniel Moran