Cricket Umpires Australia


National Premier Cricket T20 Championships

03 March 2020

Premier Cricket players and umpires descend on Adelaide for second edition of the National Premier Cricket T20 (NPT20) Championships.

Ten clubs from the nation’s Premier Cricket competitions have won through to the finals series which is held in Adelaide on the 3th and 4th March. New South Wales and Victoria each have two clubs competing with remaining states and territories having one team being represented.

Ten Premier Cricket Umpires from each state and territory have been appointed to officiate the tournament with New South Wales and Victoria appointing two umpires to reflect the number of teams entered.

This competition is in it’s second edition with both Bede Sajowitz from New South Wales and Tony Medina from Victoria having officiated in the first edition in 2019, back again this year.

The Tournament will be overseen by Cricket Australia Supplementary Match Referee Panel member Neil Findlay and Umpires will be supported by SACA Umpire Coach Daniel Goodwin.


Greg Beechey | TAS

Dhaval Bhatt | SA

Peter Boland | QLD

Chris Cassin | ACT

Michael Kovalevs | WA

Tony Medina | VIC

Imran Muhammad | NT

Marc Nickl | NSW

Bede Sajowitz | NSW

Luke Uthenwoldt | VIC


Neil Findlay (Tournament Referee)