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Teams and Officials on display in Adelaide for inaugural NPT20

05 March 2019

03-050319 NPT20 Officials

Premier Cricket players and officials descended on Adelaide for the inaugural National Premier T20 (NPT20) Championships.

Ten clubs from the nations Premier Cricket competitions won through to the finals series which were played Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 March in Adelaide. New South Wales and Victoria each had two clubs competing with remaining states and territories having one team being represented. Likewise, ten Premier Cricket Umpires were appointed to officiate the tournament, with New South Wales and Victoria appointing two umpires to reflect the number of teams entered. 

Qualifying for the tournament took place throughout the season with the winners in each region gaining entry to the series held across the Karen Rolton/Park 25 complex and Adelaide Oval No 2. The Northern Territory’s representative, the City Cyclones, was the first team to qualify after winning the inaugural Strike League in Darwin in July.

Four of the appointed umpires had officiated in Cricket Australia tournaments this season. Former Zimbabwean international umpire, Jerry Matibiri, joined the Cricket Tasmania State Umpire Panel this season and stood in five Rebel WBBL fixtures. With eight Test matches (Third Umpire); 23 on-field One-Day Internationals (additional 22 as Third) and 15 T20 internationals (additional 10 as Third) matches to his name, he brought a wealth of cricket knowledge to the group.

Eloise Sheridan represented her home state of South Australia after a hectic 2018/19. Elevated to SACA’s State Umpire Panel this season, Sheridan stood in the CA Under 17 Male National Championships in Queensland in September before officiating throughout the Rebel WBBL and WNCL competitions. Sheridan’s Premier Cricket commitments included the first ever all-female umpire pairing in a Premier Cricket First-Grade fixture when she stood alongside Irish international Mary Waldron. New South Wales’ Sharad Patel travelled to the Sunshine Coast in February to officiate in the CA Under 15 Male National Championships, and also stood in the T20 component of the Toyota Futures League throughout January. Mark Donfeld joined the team, having represented Northern Territory at the Toyota Australian Country Cricket Championships, held in Shepparton (Victoria) in January. 

Meanwhile, Queensland’s Ian Barsby headed to Adelaide with a wealth of experience, having brought up 500 matches for the QCUSA in January, whilst John Sherry from the west notched up his 150th senior grade game in October 2018. Remaining representatives were appointed by the states and territories from Premier Cricket Umpire Panels following strong performances across the season. 

The tournament was overseen by Cricket Australia Supplementary Match Referee Panel member Damian Herft.

Tuesday 5 March | 10:00AM (Local)

  • Sydney University (NSW) v East Torrens (SA) | Karen Rolton Oval | Ian Barsby and Mark Donfeld
  • Sutherland (NSW) v Tuggeranong Valley (ACT) | Park 25 No 1 | Tony Medina and Eloise Sheridan
  • Carlton (VIC) v University of Queensland (QLD) | Park 25 No 2 | Chris Grant and Suranga Lekamarachchi
  • North Hobart (TAS) v Dandenong (VIC) | Park 25 No 3 | Jerry Matibiri and Bede Sajowitz
  • Melville (WA) v City Cyclones (NT) | Adelaide Oval No 2 | Sharad Patel and John Sherry


Tuesday 5 March | 3:00PM (Local)

  • Dandenong (VIC) v Carlton (VIC) | Karen Rolton Oval | Tony Medina and John Sherry
  • Sydney University (NSW) v University of Queensland (QLD) | Park 25 No 1 | Sharad Patel and Suranga Lekamarachchi
  • City Cyclones (NT) v Sutherland (NSW) | Park 25 No 2 | Bede Sajowitz and Eloise Sheridan
  • Melville (WA) v Tuggeranong Valley (ACT)  | Park 25 No 3 | Chris Grant and Mark Donfeld
  • North Hobart (TAS) v East Torrens (SA) | Adelaide Oval No 2 | Jerry Matibiri and Ian Barsby


Wednesday 6 March | 10:00AM (Local) - SEMI and PLATE FINALS

  • Melville v University of Queensland (SF) | Karen Rolton Oval | Eloise Sheridan and Chris Grant
  • Sutherland v Carlton (SF) | Park25 No 2 | Sharad Patel and Jerry Matibiri
  • Dandenong v East Torrens | Park 25 No 1 | Bode Sajowitz and Mark Donfeld
  • North Hobart v Sydney University | Park 25 No 3 | John Sherry and Ian Barsby
  • Tuggeranong Valley v City Cyclones | Adelaide Oval No 2 | Anthony Medina and Suranga Lekamarachchi 


Wednesday 6 March | 3:00PM (Local) - FINAL

  • Carlton v University of Queensland | Karen Rolton Oval | Jerry Matibiri and Eloise Sheridan



  • Ian Barsby | QLD
  • Chris Grant | VIC
  • Mark Donfeld | NT 
  • Suranga Lekamarachchi | ACT
  • Jerry Matibiri | TAS 
  • Tony Medina | VIC 
  • Sharad Patel | NSW
  • Bede Sajowitz | NSW 
  • Eloise Sheridan | SA
  • John Sherry | WA
  • Damian Herft (Tournament Referee)