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National Panel Umpires ready to fire after annual seminar

28 September 2015

NUP Seminar

Third umpire simulation; effective fitness and utilising instant replay technology to determine LBW decisions were all on the agenda as part of a successful Cricket Australia National Umpire Panel (NUP) annual seminar in Brisbane.

The three day seminar was held at the Bupa National Cricket Centre, which boasts state of the art high performance facilities and highly skilled technical staff that are accessible to Australian elite players and umpires alike.

Joining the NUP was the new five person Development Panel, whilst ICC Elite Panel members Rod Tucker and Bruce Oxenford were also on hand to provide their expert knowledge. The group also welcomed new Umpire Coach Ian Lock, as well as expertise from ICC Umpire Coach David Levens and New Zealand’s Tony Hill.

With the whole group only coming together twice a year, the seminar started with a highly competitive bare foot lawn bowls session which gave the members a chance to catch up after the off season.

The week then turned its attention to preparing the group for the busy season ahead, and included topics such as:-

  • Third Umpire training – a full simulation of the Third Umpire role, including communications with the director and technician located outside in the replay truck; whilst focusing on fine tuning communication and processes to achieve the correct result
  • Indoor LBW session – utilising  instant replay technology to judge pitching and impact of the ball from both the bowlers end and square leg
  • Effective fitness – what to do around game day and travelling in the gym and pool to best prepare and maximise recovery
  • Eye testing – with the variety of coloured balls, both in the heat of the sun and under lights, different coloured sunglasses lenses were tested under different conditions to determine what best suits the individual
  • Sleep and nutrition – with hectic travel and game schedules over the cricket season, this session provided handy tips on how to ensure the umpires receive enough sleep to assist in performing their best game day
  • Red/Blue Thinking – Blue is being in ‘the zone’ and red is when the mind is wandering, so the group underwent exercises and discussion to understand what blue thinking is for them, what red thinking is for them, and how they can move their mindset from red to blue when required
  • Playing Conditions and Code of Behaviour – overview of the changes in Playing Conditions across the competitions, as well as discussions around Code of Behaviour standards

Third umpire training


Pool session

 Eye testing

Lawn bowls