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National Indigenous Cricket Championships Underway

08 February 2017

Reuben Garlett & Allan Coulthard

The 2016/17 National Indigenous Cricket Championships commenced this week in Alice Springs with umpires from around the country flying in to officiate.

The umpires appointed to the tournament are

• Tim Blazely (Tasmania)

• Allan Coulthard (South Australia)

• Nick Ferns (Victoria)

• Damian Freiberg (Queensland)

• Reuben Garlett (Western Australia)

• Stuart Grocock (New South Wales)

• Dean Martin (ACT)

• Scott Pearce (Tasmania)

The tournament kicked off last Sunday with the Opening Ceremony at Traeger Park. Tuesday’s match between Tasmania and the Northern Territory at Jim McConville Park saw Indigenous Umpires Reuben Garlett and Allan Coulthard paired together. Click here to read more about this significant achievement.

The National Indigenous Cricket Championships will run until Monday 13 February with the Final to be played at Traeger Park.