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Unchanged umpiring panels announced for 2018-19

22 June 2018

06-210618 - Polosak and Nogajski

Cricket Australia (CA) has announced unchanged umpiring panels for the 2018-19 season.

The umpiring group is comprised of two panels – a 12-member National Umpire Panel (NUP) and a six-member Supplementary Umpire Panel (SUP). The SUP was previously known as the Development Umpire Panel and has been renamed to best reflect the role of the panels members.

CA has also kept its nominations to the ICC International Panel of Umpires the same for the upcoming year, in 2017-18 CA Umpire Award winner Paul Wilson and fellow NUP members Gerard Abood, Simon Fry and Sam Nogajski.

2018-19 National Umpire Panel:

Gerard Abood

Shawn Craig

Greg Davidson

Simon Fry

Phil Gillespie

Mike Graham-Smith

Geoff Joshua

Simon Lightbody

Sam Nogajski

John Ward

Tony Wilds

Paul Wilson

2018-19 Supplementary Umpire Panel:

Darren Close

Nathan Johnstone

Donovan Koch

Claire Polosak

David Shepard

Ben Treloar