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How’s stat! Test Scorer statistics unveiled

16 August 2016

Test Scorers

Statistics are integral to cricket, and the role of cricket scorer is instrumental from grass roots to the Test arena to ensure the historical representation of a match lives forever.

Scorer Adam Morehouse, whose career has included three SCG Test Matches, has undertaken a massive project to recognise those who have held this important role at the international level in Australia.

Morehouse’s work over the last year has taken him into the National Library’s archives to piece together records from old newspapers; searching for information from online resources; and also heavily engaging with fellow scorers, researchers and historians. The end result is nothing short of phenomenal - the compilation of a list of Test Match scorers for each of the 404 Tests held in Australia. Starting right back in March 1877, Morehouse has managed to unearth at least one scorer for every Test Match since. Amazingly, only 11 appointments remain outstanding. This work forms the basis of a provisional numbering system much like the numbering of Test Caps and once completed will be made official.

Morehouse is now turning his attention to composing a brief biography on every Test Scorer, whilst also compiling a similar list for One-Day International Matches held in Australia.

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