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Australian cricket welcomes international exchange umpires

11 February 2016

Umpire exchange

Australian Cricket welcomes exchange umpires from India, South Africa and New Zealand for rounds seven and eight of the Sheffield Shield.

Nitin Menon (India), Lubabalo Gcuma (South Africa) and Tim Parlane (New Zealand) have been appointed to upcoming fixtures in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane respectively.

The exchange program between the four countries provides a number of benefits, including:-

  • Travelling to and officiating in foreign conditions
  • Managing unfamiliar teams at new venues
  • Working with new colleagues under a different system
  • Learning and adopting new Playing Conditions
  • Experiencing ‘life on the road’ encountered regularly by umpires at the next level and building contacts in other countries

An added challenge for this group is that round seven is a day/night fixture, played with a pink cricket ball and very differing playing hours to what is normally played in a four-day First  Class fixture. 

In a change from previous seasons, all three umpires will be in Australia at the same time. Arriving into Melbourne, a meeting has been scheduled at the Cricket Australia office before the umpires will travel with their standing partners to their first game the following day. 

Meanwhile, National Umpire Panel member Geoff Joshua departs for New Zealand this week to stand in the upcoming Plunket Shield fixture between Central Districts and Canterbury at Saxton Oval in Nelson. Then, in late March, Sam Nogajski will officiate two Sunfoil Series fixtures in South Africa. John Ward, who travelled to India in December 2015 to officiate in the Ranji Trophy, rounds out the three Australian representatives for season 2015/16.

Last season, National Umpire Panel members Paul Wilson and Mick Martell travelled to India for the exchange, whilst Gerard Abood (South Africa) and Sam Nogajski (New Zealand) also travelled abroad. Australia then welcomed Wayne Knights (New Zealand), Shamshuddin Chettithody (India) and Patrick Jele (South Africa - pictured with Gerard Abood) throughout season 2014/15. 

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