Cricket Umpires Australia


Umpire Association Annual General Meetings

22 August 2019


Umpire Associations across the country have held their Annual General Meetings wrapping up the 2018/19 season while looking ahead to 2019/20.

New South Wales
The New South Wales Cricket Umpires & Scorers Association held their AGM on the 3rd July where the Association’s Annual Report was presented. The Association has acknowledged the exceptional and outstanding service of one of its long-standing members; with the election of Ian Wright to Life Membership. Having joined the Association in 1979, Wright became Association’s 51st Life Member in its 106-year history. Also recognised were Ken Buckland, Allan Hollebrandse, Brett McMillan and Brian Walker with Principal Membership for outstanding contributions to cricket officiating in New South Wales.

In Tasmania, the Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association elected a new President at their Annual General Meeting in July. Jamie Mitchell has taken over from James Seville and commences his two-year term.

The Queensland Cricket Umpires’ & Scorers Association held their AGM on the 17th July where the Association’s 50th Annual Report was received by its members. A significant highlight noted within was the recognition of Nelma Grout who was awarded Life Memberships of Queensland Cricket at their 142nd Annual General Meeting. Through her cricketing journey, Grout has been an umpire, coach, team manager and volunteer. Grout has also held official positions within the Umpires & Scorers Association. Grout’s contribution on the field included over 50 First-Grade matches which included being the first female umpire in Australia to stand in a First-Grade match.

Western Australia
The Western Australian Cricket Umpires’ & Scorers Association held their 110th AGM on the 30th  July. Fred Davis was honoured with Life Membership of the WACUA after being roundly endorsed by its members.

South Australia
The South Australia Cricket Umpires’ & Scorers Association held their AGM on the 14th August. Craig Thiele was awarded a Life Membership of the association while Lesley Quaini was voted onto the Executive Committee for a twelve-month term. Quaini is the current scorer Woodville District Cricket Club and the first female member to be elected onto the Executive in almost 20 years. Quaini is also the first woman to serve on the Executive since the Association changed from an umpires advocacy group to an umpires and scorers association.

The Victorian Cricket Umpires’ & Scorers Association held their AGM on the 20th August where long-serving umpire Eric Kelly was honoured with Life Membership. Kelly has been a member of the Association since he commenced his umpiring career in the 1985-86 season. Kelly sits on several other umpiring association boards in Victoria and is a great servant to officiating.