Cricket Umpires Australia


2015-16 Association award winners - South Australia

16 May 2016

SACUSA presentation

Congratulations to First Grade Umpire of the Year, Luke Uthenwoldt, and all award winners from South Australia

SACUSA Presentation Night | Saturday 14 May

Tony Crafter Award (1st Grade Umpire of the Year)  Luke Uthenwoldt 
Max O'Connell Award (2nd Grade Umpire of the Year)  Tony Trist 
Steve Davis/Daryl Harper Award
(3rd, 4th and Women's Umpire of the Year) 
Martin Bradshaw 
John Wilson Memorial Trophy  Michial Farrow 
Buckett Hammond Scorer of the Year  Neil Ricketts 
2015 SACUSA Hall of Fame   Reg Nelson 
Peter Weeks Community Umpire of the Year  David Rodgers 
Mel McInnes Award (Underage Grade Umpire of the Year)  Rajive Soral 
Colin Egar Award (Best 1st Year Umpire)  Rajive Soral
Ashley Hunter Memorial Scholarship
(Encouragement of an umpire under 25) 
Liam Bentley 
Inaugural Joyce McMenamin Trophy
(Recognition of significant unofficial service to SACUSA) 
Bev McLeod 

Service Award

  • 400 games | Neil Ricketts
  • 300 games | Edward Branson; Luke Uthenwoldt
  • 200 games | Kevin Coombe; David Cornish; Andrew Loffler; Vince O'Grady; Tim Pellew; Craig Thomas
  • 100 games | Ricky Dumas; Frank Hobbs; Cain Kemp; Steve Warren

Special Service Awards

  • 200 First Grade games | Lynton Donisthorpe
  • Retirement from Panel 1 | Michial Farrow