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 Simon Fry

Born    Adelaide, South Australia 
Occupation    Chartered Accountant 
Favourite cricketer growing up    Ian Chappell  
One word to describe you    Deliberate 
Favourite sporting team    Essendon Bombers 
Which cricket club did you play for    Kensington, Adelaide University and Prince Alfred Old Collegians Cricket Clubs 
First ever job    While studying at university, I worked at a major Adelaide department store on Friday nights and weekends. The job involved visiting each cash register throughout the store every few hours and (legitimately) removing excess cash from the till 
Who would play you in a movie    Rowan Atkinson  
Favourite holiday destination    Kitzbuhel, Austria – simply beautiful 
Which sporting event in the world would you love to attend    I would love to be trackside for the final of the men’s 100m sprint at an Olympic Games 
Favourite food    Anything my wife cooks  
Which talent do you wish you had    The ability to play a musical instrument well 
What's the best advice you've received    Very hard to split:-

1. If it's meant to be, it's up to me and 2. Be nice to your mother

If you could invite three people to dinner, who would they be    Larry, Moe and Curly – they would make me feel better about myself 



Why did you choose umpiring?

I had finished playing and wanted to stay involved in the game

Who has had the most influence on your umpiring career? 

This is a tough call because there are so many who have helped to shape me as an umpire but if it hadn’t been for Chris Hollard encouraging me to try umpiring, I may not have had an umpiring career

Describe your memories from your First Class debut

Stuart MacGill captained NSW and it’s fair to say he gave me a good working over and some really honest feedback

Which is your favouritecricket ground to umpire at and why

The Adelaide Oval will always be special to me. I watched my first day of cricket “in the flesh” way back in 1973 and was fortunate to make my first class and international debuts at the same ground

What's the strangest thing you've seen happen on field

The Shane Warne – Marlon Samuels incident at the MCG during KFC T20 BBL02 was a little different!

Greatest cricket moment you've seen on field

Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff consoling Brett Lee at the conclusion of the 2005 test match at Edgbaston. I wasn’t there, wish I was

If you could invent a new rule for the game, what would it be

Some things are better left alone

Why should people get involved in umpiring?

Umpiring is a great way to stay involved in the game, or become involved in cricket. You meet some great people and as so many have said, we enjoy the best seat in the house

What advice would you give to aspiring umpires?

Don’t worry about making the occasional mistake because everyone does, just go out and enjoy yourself

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