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Umpire profiles

Gerard Abood
Born    Sydney, New South Wales 
Occupation    Solicitor 
Favourite cricketer growing up    Allan Border/Steve Waugh 
One word to describe you    Committed 
Favourite sporting team    Sydney Swans 
Which cricket club did you play for    Western Suburbs District and Burwood Briars Cricket Clubs
First ever job    Assist in a butcher shop 
Who would play you in a movie    Andy Garcia or Eric Strada 
Favourite holiday destination    Canada
Which sporting event in the world would you love to attend
  FA Cup Final/US Masters Golf 
Favourite food    Salmon 
Which talent do you wish you had    Be able to sing
What's the best advice you've received    Be yourself 
If you could invite three people to your house for dinner, who would they be
  Elle Macpherson, Ana Ivanovic and Cameron Diaz 



Why did you choose umpiring?

 To stay involved in and contribute to cricket

Who has had the most influence on your umpiring career? 

Darren Goodger and Bruce Oxenford 

Describe your memoeries from your First Class debut 

Very excited, a little nervous, extremely focused and proud to have joined the ranks

Which is your favourite cricket ground to umpire at and why 

WACA, because I love the feeling of the wide open space, without feeling hemmed in by big stands on the eastern and western sides 

If you could invent a new rule for the game, what would it be? 

If the ball strikes the stumps from a fielder's throw, it is dead. Get rid of leg byes; if you don't hit it, no runs 

Why should people get involved in umpiring? 

Great way to watch great cricket and fantastic way to make a real contribution to the game 

What advice would you give to aspiring umpires? 

Be patient and enjoy the experience and to use every match as an opportunity to get better