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Umpire profiles

Bruce Oxenford

Born Southport Queensland
Occupation Umpire
Local Umpiring Association Queensland Cricket Umpire and Scorers Association
Favourite cricketer growing up Doug Walters
One word to describe you Uncomplicated
Favourite sporting team

Queensland State of Origin Rugby League

Which cricket club did you play for

Mudgeeraba CC, Queens CC, Folkestone CC, University of Queensland CC, Gold Coast Dolphins CC

What was your first ever job Sales trainee BHP
Who would play you in a movie Sting or David Caruso 
Favourite holiday destination Alaska
Which sporting event in the world would you love to attend Hong Kong Sevens
Favourite food No favourite, just love cooking it
What talent do you wish you had Interpretative Dance
What’s the best advice you’ve received

Don’t take up interpretative Dance

If you could invite three people to your house for dinner, who would they be and why

Stephen Fry (Quirky humour)

Eric Clapton (If he brings his guitar)

Stephen Spielberg (to record it all)


Why did you choose umpiring?

It was a great way to stay involved in the game post retirement

Who has had the most influence on your umpiring career?

David Levens – Outstanding

Describe your memories from your First Class debut

It was all a bit of a blur, but I remember being exhausted at the end

Which is your favourite cricket ground to umpire at and why?

Malahide Ireland. A most picturesque venue, likely to rain for at least 3 of any 4 days scheduled there and there is great Guinness nearby

What's the strangest thing you've seen happen on field?

I once lost a cricket ball after 3 balls of a Champions League match in Ahmedabad when a wicket had fallen. After a long delay while everyone looked for the ball, a replacement ball had to be sent out. Just as the next ball was about to be bowled, I found the ball inside the bowler’s cap that I was holding. Very embarrassing!

Greatest cricket moment you've seen on field?

Every time the TV Umpire says to me “Stay with your original decision”

If you could invent a new rule for the game, what would it be?

Unlimited number overs for bowlers in all formats

Why should people get involved with umpiring?

It is so rewarding to give

What advice would you give to aspiring umpires?

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Allow your personality to shine