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Match Referees

 All Match Referees 2017-18

The Match Referee is a member of the Playing Control Team (PCT) with the responsibility to oversee the delivery and effective conduct of an Australian domestic cricket match. This includes, primarily, the accurate and timely assessment of the performance of the umpires officiating the match.

The Match Referee is a representative of Cricket Australia and/or State Cricket Association and works closely with the Umpires, Players and Team Officials to encourage and uphold the traditions and Spirit of Cricket, and the highest standards of player behaviour.

They are responsible for the overall conduct of the game to ensure it is delivered in accordance with the laws and standard playing conditions that are applicable to the competition they are officiating.

National Referees Panel

  • Steve Bernard*
  • Daryl Harper
  • Peter Marshall
  • Bob Parry
  • Bob Stratford*
  • David Talalla

Supplementary Referees Panel

  • John Biddiss
  • Tim Donahoo
  • Neil Findlay
  • Kent Hannam
  • Damian Herft
  • David Johnston
  • Terry Prue
  • Ian Thomas

 *Also a nominee to the ICC Regional Referees Panel making them eligible for appointment at the international level.