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Cricket Australia welcomes you to the Representative Officiating Accreditation program.

The Representative Officiating course is designed for the Match Official who is paid to officiate in organized games of cricket as part of a registered association. Expectations of competence increase as you move into higher levels of cricket, so therefore the Representative course provides upskilling on all aspects of the role. This upskilling includes match management strategies for handling difficult situations.

The course assesses knowledge of the current Laws of Cricket but is not an exam.  The intent of the program is to reinforce what you know rather than test what you don’t know.

The full Representative Officiating program is made up of 4 components:  On-line learning, face to face workshops, workbook modules and observations in match situations.

The time taken to complete the on-line course is in excess of 2 hours and we recommend doing it in 2 or 3 sections to ensure full understanding of the content.  The system will automatically bookmark where you have left the course.

Following completion of the on-line learning you will receive a Participants Workbook which details the requirements for the workbook modules, face to face workshops and match observations.

Cost of the program is $100 and a participant must have completed all of the requirements for the Community Officiating Accreditation program to be able to register for Representative Officiating.

Once you have completed the full accreditation program you will receive an accreditation certificate with your accreditation number.  This accreditation is valid for 4 years and at the end of this period you may complete a reaccreditation program to continue holding the Representative Officiating Accreditation.

CA trusts that you will enjoy this training and thanks you in advance for helping to support Australia’s favourite sport.

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