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This is the course for the serious Match Official who is paid for their services to umpire organised games of Cricket as part of a registered Association. The expectations on competence will be increased as you get into the more serious levels of Cricket. Therefore the Representative Officiating on-line course will provide upskilling on all aspects of the demanding role. This includes match management strategies for handling pressure situations such as player behaviour and fitness for play.

The course assesses knowledge of current MCC Laws of Cricket but is not an exam. The intent is to reinforce what you know rather than test what you don't know. There is a link provided to the Lord's website which now offers practical examples of the theory behind complex Laws. The time required to complete the full on-line course is in excess of 2 hours and we recommend doing it in 2 or 3 sections to ensure full understanding of the extensive content.

Following completion you will be offered further up skilling by the Umpiring department of your local State Cricket Association. The on-line course is only part of the Accreditation process which includes practical assessment in a match situation by a qualified person to complete the competency check. The overall desired outcome is to leave you feeling more prepared for the umpiring role. 

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