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Cricket Australia welcomes you to the Community Officiating Accreditation program.

The Community Officiating program is designed to engage and educate new officials and is appropriate for both experienced and novice participants, regardless of whether they have previous playing experience or not.

The full accreditation program is made up of two components: On-line training and face to face practical sessions.

The accreditation can be completed in any order.  To be fully accredited as a Community official both components must be completed.

The on-line portion of the course takes approximately 1 hour to complete and the face to face session will run for approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours.

Cost of the program is $40 and there is no prior learning required.

There are resources available inside the on-line learning.  Resources such as Laws of Cricket, fielding positions and other cricket jargon which enables the participants to gain the knowledge required to undertake an umpiring role with greater confidence.

Once you have completed the full accreditation program you will receive an accreditation certificate with your accreditation number.  This accreditation is valid for 4 years and at the end of this period you may complete a reaccreditation program to continue holding the Community Officiating Accreditation.

CA trusts that you will enjoy this training and thanks you in advance for helping to support Australia’s favourite sport.

Please visit the 'Courses' page to begin your online learning