School Program A Big Hit In WA!

07 April 2022 | Cricket Australia

The year 4-6 classes at the Infant Jesus School in Morley, WA, were half-way through their Sporting Schools Cricket Program two years ago when the pandemic caused its postponement.

“They were enjoying it so much I made sure we got it back as soon as I could and I’m really glad we did,’’ said teacher Lauren Jenkins.

Lauren says completing the four week Sporting Schools program in term one this year provided much needed assistance in teaching the fundamentals of cricket.
“Kids probably aren’t exposed to the basic skills as what they were when I was a kid and everyone played in the backyard or in the park,” she said.

“At the start of the program they were all saying ‘Can we play a game! Can we play a game!’

“But there were a lot of kids who didn’t have the skills to do that straight away. Through the program we were able to concentrate on the fundamentals of batting and bowling so they would get more out of a game.”

Lauren says the way the program was delivered by the WA Cricket staff members helped ensure the students got maximum benefit.

“The skills are taught in a really fun way so even though you’re not playing a game they stay engaged in what they’re doing,” she said.

Lauren says that when the students did play games in the final Sporting Schools sessions, and in PE classes in the weeks after the program finished, they had improved their skills which in turn allowed her to introduce more sophisticated concepts.

“I was able to bring in things like strategy and game awareness. For instance, initially they would just bat for themselves but you could bring in other concepts like running between wickets with their partner.”

Lauren said the program increased the amount of cricket played in the playground during term one and the overall appreciation for the game at her school.
“I’ve got one student who has a learning disability who said ‘I didn’t think I would be any good at this, but now I’m really good and I love cricket!’”

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