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Resources to assist with Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers

Criteria number six focuses on Volunteers and the process of recruitment and retention.

The resources below provide some ideas on how to attract volunteers, create a plan to maintain volunteer numbers & engagement and how to retain Volunteers at your club. 

Volunteer Management Framework 

The Volunteer Management Framework is designed for Australian Cricket Clubs and Associations to organise and assist volunteers. The Framework outlines information that Clubs will need to know about with respect to Recruitment, Place, Induction, Training, Supervision, Recognition and Succession Planning.

Cricket Australia encourages every Club and Association to have a Volunteer Management Action Plan. You can easily create one by editing the template available for download.


National Volunteer Management Framework.pdf (3.3 MB)

National Volunteer Management Action Plan Template.doc (6.0 MB)

National Volunteer Management Action Plan.pdf (1.6 MB)

A Sport For All Resource Guide - How to Attract New Volunteers.doc (0.1 MB)