Premier Cricket

Development Program

Resources to develop a positive Club Culture

Criteria number nine targets the Culture of a Premier Club

The below resources provide templates on Codes of Conducts for Players, Club Officials and Members, whilst a Member Survey Template will provide clubs with a resource to obtain feedback from their members about what the club is doing right and what can be improved upon.

Code of Conduct Player Behaviour.doc (0.2 MB)

Code of Conduct Player Behaviour version 2.doc (0.2 MB)

Members Code of Behaviour.doc (0.2 MB)

Match Officials Code of Behaviour.doc (0.2 MB)

Players Code of Behaviour.doc (0.2 MB)

Well Played Spirit of Cricket.doc (0.2 MB)

Code of Conduct Player Behaviour v3.doc (0.3 MB)

PlaybytheRules codes of behaviour template.doc (0.1 MB)

Member Survey Template.pdf (0.1 MB)