Premier Cricket

Development Program

Information to assist the Club’s Coaching Staff and on-field performance

Criteria number five looks at Coaching & Performance at the Premier Cricket level.

The supporting tools for the Coaching criteria help provide context around the ACA Premier Cricket Program, the Coaching Pathway and some templates around a Premier Club Coaching Structure (including Position Descriptions).

Additional coaching resources can also be found at the Cricket Coaches Australia website.

The supporting information around the Performance criteria focus on player development through the Pathway system over the previous three seasons. The Club Championships are also reviewed to understand the club's on-field health across their teams in the previous five seasons. 

Head Coach - Position Description.docx (0.1 MB)

Assistant Coach - Position Description.doc (0.1 MB)

Junior Coordinator - Position Description.doc (0.1 MB)

Club Coaching Structure Template.ppt (0.2 MB)

Talent Development Representative Teams.ppt (0.5 MB)


Cricket Australia has compiled a resource to provide guidelines and processes for bowlers that are identified as having Doubtful Bowling Actions in a Cricket Australia run competition (e.g. Sheffield Shield, BBL, WBBL, WNCL, National Underage Championships, etc.).

Please note that this document is designed for use at competition levels above Premier Cricket, however it can be used in Premier Cricket to help Premier Clubs to understand what process is used in higher level competitions for identifying players with Doubtful Bowling Actions.

Doubtful Bowling Actions Procedures 2016.pdf (0.5 MB)