Premier Cricket

Development Program

The Premier Cricket Development Program is designed to assist Premier Clubs to fulfil their dual role of talent development and community engagement by providing objective measures to drive minimum standards and allow for evaluation, comparison and overall improvement

Premier Cricket is a vital part of the competitions pathway and should be maintained as a strong and competitive environment which is both a breeding ground for the best national talent and coaching in club cricket.

Season 2017/18 saw the name of the Club Accreditation Scheme changed to the Premier Cricket Development Program (PCDP). This name change was made to reflect the feedback from the Premier Clubs around the interpretation of the words 'accreditation' and 'scheme', and to also recognise the changes within Australian Cricket of the Premier Cricket portfolio from Game Development to High Performance. 

The Premier Cricket Development Program (PCDP-04) is currently being rolled out this season to in excess of 100 Premier Cricket Clubs in seven States and Territories.

This season the PCDP has been merged into a National Premier Cricket Handbook to assist with the ongoing promotion and awareness of Premier Cricket across the country.  Please note the following points below:

Assessment entries into the AMS platform are now only required once per season and can be entered any time between 1/12/20 and 31/3/21

Top 6 areas of development have been revised to reflect feedback and ensure ongoing strategic alignment, include:

  • Gender Integration
  • Governance
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Coaching & Performance
  • Promotion

2020/21 National Premier Cricket Handbook (incorporating the PCDP-04)