February Subscriber Update

17 February 2022

Hi PlayHQ Subscribers,

Milestone 2 is live!
On Tuesday February 1st PlayHQ officially went ‘live’ in the cricket community, with training launching for Clubs in the Darwin District Cricket Competition ahead of their upcoming winter season commencing on April 2nd. The initial feedback on the PlayHQ platform has been extremely positive, with one Club volunteer saying that ‘[PlayHQ is] a super easy system, way easier than the MyCricket back end!’

All Clubs have successfully setup their registration forms ahead of ‘sign-on days’ that are being hosted over the next couple of weeks. We’ve already seen approximately 75 registrations through the platform and expect to see this number significantly increase in the next month. Fun fact, our testing has shown that setting up a club registration form in PlayHQ takes on average ¼ of the time than it does in Mycricket.

As mentioned previously, the staged rollout approach allows us to actively seek feedback from onboarded stakeholders to ensure that we continually improve the training and customer support framework for subsequent rollouts.

PlayHQ key contacts
As part of the ‘Getting started with PlayHQ’ outbound campaign that commenced in August 2021, we have collated key contacts from over 2,000 Clubs & Associations throughout the country that will be receiving regular service comms that will make their transition to PlayHQ as smooth as possible. Don’t stress, these key contacts won’t be receiving any marketing or promotional comms.  

If your Club or Association hasn’t been engaged as of yet, no need to worry, these calls will continue over the coming weeks and months.

Building PlayHQ with the community – With Briony Gallagher!
My name is Briony Gallagher, and I am the Junior Co-Ordinator at Palmerston Cricket Club in the Northern Territory. I have a long love of cricket brought about by my grandmother who taught me to score at the age of 7 while we watched the Ashes in her loungeroom. Over the last 20 years I’ve been involved in our cricket club by scoring for A and B grades over the years, while my husband played. Now that our children play as well, I’ve taken on the Junior Co-Ordinator role and still score B grade where my husband and son play. I have loved the transition from scoring in books to the MyCricket LiveScore App which has definitely made scoring easier and more time efficient. I’m looking forward to moving forward with PlayHQ e-scoring, which will continue to improve this experience even further.
I have enjoyed being a member of the PlayHQ Change Champions group, working with like-minded individuals to bring together the new and exciting platform for our wonderful game. Our regular sessions have been a great way to give feedback so that the platform can be the best it can be, meeting the needs of all. PlayHQ have brought us ‘into the tent’, allowing cricket volunteers to provide feedback on functionality, often before it’s even been built. Areas of focus for this group thus far have been fixturing, transfers & permits, e-scoring and participant management. As an administrator for our club, I’m really looking forward to using the back end of the PlayHQ system as it is very user friendly.  

As my Club is a member of the second Project milestone, we’ve just gone through our initial round of training, and I can say firsthand that it was excellent. The interactive component of the training makes it easy to follow and understand. We’re really looking forward to using PlayHQ for this upcoming season.

Sneak peek of PlayHQ
We know that many of you are excited to get your hands on PlayHQ, as such we’ll be sharing sneak peeks of the platform each month as we get closer to launching for Milestone 3, where half of the country will be managing Clubs & Competitions on PlayHQ.

Check out
this video for a quick summary of some of the key competition management features

Digital Adoption software in action!
As mentioned previously, one of the features of cricket’s PlayHQ onboarding experience is the implementation of ‘in product prompts’ that will guide users through PlayHQ workflows, removing the reliance on ‘how to guides’ and support articles.

This functionality is currently being tested by PlayHQ, and will be ready ahead of the 2022/23 season - please check out this very short video demonstrating how the software works.

February Community Webinar
As mentioned prior to Christmas, we’re hosting our Third PlayHQ Community Webinar next Wednesday 23rd February from 7.30 – 8.30pm ADST.

Make sure you register for the session here.

If you cannot make the session, not to worry, the webinar will be recorded and made available in days following delivery.

If you missed the second Webinar, take a look at the recording here

Subscribers Community
We’re very excited that this Subscribers community has continued to grow over the past couple of months, now above 790 people.

If you know of others within your Club and/or Association who may also like to receive regular Project updates, please ask them to complete this registration form and we will add them to our growing list of community subscribers.

And don’t forget, if you miss an update, or you are a new subscriber, you can see all previous updates here

Thank you again for your involvement and joining us on this journey.

Kind regards,

Cricket Australia - Community Cricket Department