August Subscriber Update

27 August 2021

Cricket is now live on PlayHQ!

All State and Territory delivered Woolworths Cricket Blast (WWCB) Programs will now be managed on PlayHQ. We are starting to see the first participants registering through the system, and we expect another ~12,000 participants to follow suit over the course of the summer ahead.

Approximately 100 State and Territory staff have received comprehensive training in setting up and managing WWCB programs within PlayHQ – and we’ve received consistent positive feedback regarding the intuitive and user-friendly nature of the new system. While this first Milestone doesn’t impact community volunteers and administrators directly, it has proved an effective road test of all aspects of the project and a lot of learnings can be taken forward as we head towards Milestone 2 (Northern Territory & Queensland winter competitions).

In addition to launching PlayHQ, July 1st marked the first release of our PlayCricket website refresh – which would explain why the website might look a little different to normal. The focus of this initial phase has been setting up the technological infrastructure allowing the website to pull data from both the PlayHQ and MyCricket systems; so that participants, parents and guardians can continue to use PlayCricket as normal throughout this transition phase. When registering for a particular program and/or club ahead of an upcoming season, the end user will be automatically directed through to the correct system to complete their registration.

The second release of the PlayCricket website refresh is expected to be delivered later on this year, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress over the coming months.

For now, our attention firmly shifts to our second PlayHQ milestone, which will see winter competitions from Northern Territory and Queensland be the first to transition on to the new system. As this is the first milestone that will impact community volunteers & administrators directly, we are looking to ramp up our engagements with clubs and associations throughout the country – ensuring you have all the information you need well before making the transition onto PlayHQ.  

As a starting point, over the next couple of months Cricket Australia, with the help of the State and Territory Cricket Associations, will be touching base with every club and association in the country. The purpose of the call is to bring everyone up to speed with the project, ensuring we’re setting all clubs and associations up for the best possible transition experience. To ensure we’re getting this information in the hands of the right people going forward, our outbound support team will be asking for clubs and associations to nominate a PlayHQ lead who will receive ongoing support & service comms throughout the course of the transition.

If you cannot wait until your phone call to hear more about PlayHQ, please keep your eyes peeled for our next Community Webinar - our last one was a hit with over 450 registrations throughout the country. As a loyal subscriber you will have the first chance to register for this webinar, with invitations dropping in your inbox over the next couple of weeks.

We’re very excited that this Subscribers community has continued to grow over the past couple of months, now just above 450 people. If you know of others within your club and/or association who may also like to receive regular Project updates, please ask them to complete this registration form and we will add them to our growing list of community subscribers.

And don’t forget, if you miss an update, or you are a new subscriber, you can see all previous updates here.

Thank you again for your involvement and joining us on this journey.

Kind regards,

Cricket Australia - Community Cricket Department