Add ons

As cricket transitions from InteractSport (MyCricket) to PlayHQ, all MyCricket Club & Association websites will eventually be turned off. As we know, PlayHQ focuses on delivery four key functions; Competition Management, Payment & Registration, Program Management and Scoring. 

Additionally, another key feature of PlayHQ is the ability to ‘plug into’ other best in breed solutions, to continually improve the volunteer & participant experience when engaging with cricket clubs & associations.

PlayHQ and Australian Cricket have partnered with WIX Website Solutions to provide clubs and associations with a premium website management experience, delivering a modern and professional digital presence for your members. Australian Cricket is offering a 20% discount for clubs & associations from the standard WIX Premium Plan offering. Packages come in 1 or 2 year deals, with increased savings for the longer term package.


  • Direct integration with PlayHQ fixtures, ladders & results. Only available on WIX premium.
  • A whole store of applications that can give your website greater functionality
  • Flexible -built for purpose- website templates
  • Mobile responsive website design
  • Custom domain name
  • No external advertising




How do clubs and associations make the move to WIX?

Australian Cricket will support your move onto WIX, with our team going through the process step-by-step with you. 

We are currently test driving this process with some select clubs from early onboarding competitions. Once the transition process has been formalised and tested, we will open expression of interest opportunities for clubs & associations transitioning onto PlayHQ during the 2022/23 season.


I have never used WIX, how will I know how to use it?

Fear not! We will provide education webinars demonstrating exactly how to navigate and use your brand new WIX website. These sessions will be advertised shortly.


How can I see a demo of a WIX website?

Here is a demo website used for a fictional local cricket club. Feel free to jump in and have a look around!


What is the cost?

The standard WIX Premium Plan offering is $312 per year or $252 for 2 years ($504 total).

Australian Cricket is also offering a 20% discount for clubs & associations from the standard WIX Premium Plan offering. This will be actioned at the checkout stage of the onboarding process.


Can we still use our own website?

Absolutely! Just remember that only the premium WIX solution will have the direct integration with PlayHQ fixtures, ladders & results.


Can I just continue using my social media page instead?

Yes! But please keep in mind that PlayHQ won’t integrate stats to social media sites. Not to mention that you would also be missing out on all of the other great benefits of a premium website solution.


What makes the website template “Built for purpose”?

Australian Cricket is working closely with club & association administrators ahead our second milestone of the PlayHQ roll out. These administrators are providing direct feedback towards the Wix template designs, ensuring that they meet the needs of clubs & associations across the country.

You will be able to add and edit functionality on your website, so there will be a level of customisation ensuring that your website meets the needs of your members.


What if my club or association doesn’t want to pay for a website solution?

You don’t have to! The premium Wix offering is an opportunity, not an obligation. There are many different free website solutions available. Like Squarespace, WordPress or even a free WIX version.

Just remember, these won’t have the integration with PlayHQ, so you won’t get the fixtures, ladders & results feed on your free website solution, along with missing out on the other benefits like support, custom domain name and website templates.