Cricket Australia Coaching

For Parents

Help your kids score runs and take wickets!

Cricket is a great sport for kids to be active and engaged but also for parents, Help your child to develop their cricket skills through these simple activities!

Backyard activities to do with your child


Backyard Activity - Partner & Target Bowling


Target Batting

 Underarm a ball to your child and ask them to watch the ball and hit through or at a target. This activity will help your child to hit a moving ball and score runs.


Wall Reaction Catch

Underarm a ball over your child’s shoulder and ask them watch the ball catch it bouncing off the wall. This activity will help your child to catch and contain the ball, whilst helping to take wickets.


Target Bowling

Use all types of different targets to help your child to develop their accuracy when bowling. This activity will help your child to take wickets.


Roll and catch

Help your child to develop their catching and underarm throwing by rolling the ball underneath an object. You can use any object to roll a ball under. This activity will help your child to catch and contain the ball, whilst helping to take wickets.



For more than 20 years, boys and girls from across the country have been taking part in MILO in2CRICKET.

The entry level participation program is for five to eight year olds and involves fun, safe activities that teach kids the basic skills to play cricket, in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

The active, inclusive program allows kids to make friends, develop social skills and team work. It's about fun, fitness and being a good sport!

The program is run by trained volunteers. Each participant receives a pack containing a plastic bat, soft ball, bucket hat, water bottle and back pack so kids can practice their skills during the program and at home with family and friends.

As a parent, you just want to see your kids smiling faces while having fun playing Australia's favorite sport. You can get involved in by simply playing with your kids, in the backyard, at the beach or even at the local park. The programs don't just run themselves, you can also help out by coordinating, coaching, scoring or simply supporting during the activity. 

Consider learning more about MILO in2CRICKET or MILO T20 Blast by checking out their online resources:

In2Cricket T20 blast

For coaches - how to engage parents

As a coach, it's great to know you have an army of helpers who drop their kids off to you at the start of each session – parents! They can assist to make your training session run smoothly and ensure you can actually coach the players. 

Two tips to help you engage parents:

  • Ask the questions  - simply ask the parents to help out!
  • Be specific about what you want them to do – catch a ball, set up cones etc.
  • A cricket training session is a great place for parents to spend some quality training with their kids. Encourage this!