Cricket Australia Coaching


Context – The Advanced Coaching Course is designed for junior and senior coaches who are looking to develop and deeper knowledge of coaching and the game of cricket. The course will extend your understanding of the game, your professional cricket skills and importantly your inter and intrapersonal coaching skills.

Coaches must complete the six online Advanced Coach Modules which become available to you via the Learning Management System online once you have been signed off as completing your Community Coach Course. Once you have completed the Modules you will be able to register for a one-day Advanced Coach Course.

Your state/territory conducts the one day and one follow up session in the course. Topics covered include:

  • Australian Cricket
  • Coaching – Coach Approach
  • Leading the Game
  • Preparing to Perform
  • Scoring Runs
  • Taking Wickets
  • Applied cricket coaching


How to complete the Advanced Coach learning?



Accessing the Course:

  1. Login into the LMS via

  2. Select Courses from the menu. Under Course Listing select the state /territory you are looking to do the course in

  3. Select the type of course and review availability

  4. Select view details and then register as indicated


Cost – The Advanced Coach online modules are free to all Community Coaches. The one-day course & follow up will incur a fee charged by the local state/territory.

Journey – This learning follows the Community Coach Course and is the final formal learning with the Community Cricket context. Of course, all coaches are encouraged to continue their learning journey via workshops, masterclasses, webinars, collaboration, and all other available avenues.

NB: highly experienced coaches and cricketers may be given RPL for the Advanced Coach Course. An example of a coach/player in this category would include Senior First and Second X1 Premier cricket experience as a minimum. If you believe you fit this category, contact your local state/territory association for clarification.