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The Australian Cricket Junior Coaching Principles

The ACJCP’s have been developed to assist coaches understand and consider the landscape they are coaching in with the prime outcome of developing their own coaching philosophy. These principles together with the Coaching Effectively and Coaching the Australian Way documents assist coaches in becoming successful and effective in playing an important role within the Australian cricket ecosystem.

Australian Cricket Junior Coaching Principles

Coaching Effectively

The Coaching Effectively document is based on leading research into coaching effectiveness and positive youth development. It will assist coaches with their understanding and development of holistic learning and play environments.

Coaching Effectively The 4 C's

Coaching the Australian Way

The Australian Way encompasses those elements that are particular to enjoying and playing cricket in Australia. The purpose of this document is to assist coaches in understanding the critical outcomes that we are all striving to provide for our junior players; Enjoy, Develop, Compete & Succeed.

Coaching the Australian Way