Cricket Australia Coaching

Training Session Ideas

Help your players take wickets with varied training set ups and using all the space you have available

Using The Ground: 

The best place to practice fielding is in the ground. All fielding activities should have maximum involvements and incorporate competition at match intensity. Remember not to have long lines and no semi circle drills!


Using The Centre: 

The centre wicket can engage every player on the field and everyone should be kept active. You can set up bowling scenarios to restrict your batters, this will help your bowlers make decisions. Wicket keepers can practice in a game scenario and remember your wicket keeper should always be wearing a helmet!


Using The Nets:

Depending on player numbers you can dedicate a net for pace and a net for spin. Simply use targets if there are no batters in the nets and set up mini competitions where bowlers get points for hitting targets and taking wickets. Wicket keepers can also practice keeping up to the stumps. The nets should be your last resort - use the centre wicket as much as possible!