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Junior Formats

The Australian Cricket pilot of Junior Formats have delivered outstanding results and have proven to provide a far better playing and learning experience for boys and girls early in their cricket journey.

The evidence confirms the players face more balls, can play more shots in more areas, get more wickets and field far more than a traditional 11 a side, full-length pitch formats

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The best way to respect the game’s history is to ensure the game is relevant in the future.

Hassell Bryce Burcher (1930-2015), Highett Cricket Club - 14 career hat tricks

For more information on the results of the revised junior formats click here!

August 2016

The way junior cricket is played in Australia is set to change with format revisions designed to increase fun, action and skill development for young players. 

Following Cricket in Australia being one of the most popular and highest participation sports with a record 1,311,184 participating around the nation last year, achieving a 16% growth in junior participation, Cricket Australia wants to ensure every child in Australia has an opportunity to access and enjoy the game.

Revised pitch lengths, boundary sizes and the option of playing Twenty20 are amongst the changes to allow juniors to better develop their skills and become more involved in each game.

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