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Check out the following videos with tips on how to make sure your players are staying hydrated during training and at matches.

Heat Management: 

Heat Management is important as it has a direct impact on players performance and health. There are key ways to help your players manage their body temperature. Check out the below videos with tips on how to help your players stay cool and hydrated while training and during matches.


Why hydration is important: 

When players are hydrated they have better concentration levels and take direction better. It also allows your players to execute their skills better.


Tips for Parents: 

Parents play a vital role in ensuring that players are properly hydrated for training and matches, pass this on to your players and parents to help them prepare to perform.

Tips for Coaches: 

As a coach you can make sure that your players are always ready to perform by making sure they are always well hydrated.

Guidelines for fluid replacement

  • It is important that all involved with cricket take appropriate precautions to avoid sun damage.
  • Drinks breaks occur every 30 – 60 minutes in all matches (every 30 minutes in conditions of extreme temperature).
  • Water is the most appropriate drink for rehydration. However, diluted cordial or sports drinks may be supplied.
  • Drinks should be available for individual players between drinks breaks.
  • Umpires should be advised when additional drinks are sought and players should make every effort to ensure no time is wasted.
  • Players should be encouraged to have their own drink bottles.This ensures that each player has access to an adequate level of replacement fluids and reduces the risk of contamination and viruses.
  • Where cups and a large container are supplied, cups should not be dipped into the container. Used cups should be washed or disposed of after use