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Want to be an awesome coach?

24 March 2016


How are you helping yourself to be awesome? Your local RCM can help.

Attending a coach accreditation course is the start of your journey as a coach. You gain valuable on the job experience throughout the season but the off season is the perfect time to stop and reflect on your performance. Similar to conducting a player review, have you conducted one on yourself?

When you work out what areas you did well in and where you could improve, your challenge is to find out how and where to gain this information/experience. And your Regional Cricket Manager is the perfect person to ask. They have access to a range of resources, workshops, videos, courses and other development opportunities. A simple phone call may be all that you need.  Talking through your ideas with someone else allows you to verbalise your thinking and can provide clarity for what action you need to take.

Start by self-reflecting on your season, seek feedback from others (parents, players, other coaches are good places to start) and contact your Regional Cricket Manager for support. This will help make you an awesome coach! 

Check out the current courses running in your State/Territory here.