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Teaching old dogs new tricks

09 July 2015

Encouraging Senior Players to accept different activities is a fascinating topic with applications everywhere.

Below we have come up with 6 key fundamental points we believe are the key considerations when implementing a programme such as this in your club.

  1. Come up with the idea and reason why it should be activated. 
  2. Explain to the senior players where it applies to them and how it can improve their game.
  3. Validate #2 by reviewing performances with the player where they have not delivered in this aspect.
  4. Demonstrate how this can improve the players around them.
  5. Encourage them to take the leadership and become a specialist in this area.
  6. If the activity becomes a drill, name it after them ie: Alfie 4 ball, Jacob’s Crucifix

This is a quick and easy summation of what is probably the greatest challenge coaches face on a week to week basis and we would love to hear any success stories or learnings you have had in this area.

Drop us a tweet on @cricketaus_cca or contact your relevant State and Territory education manager so we can highlight it.

Thanks to Andrew Walton (@andrewwaltonx) for his contribution to this article.