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Coaching and Talent Specialists get to work across the country

18 September 2017

The Coaching and Talent Specialists are tasked with aligning, promoting, implementing and delivering the player and coach pathway for both males and females.

The alignment of Coaching and Talent development will allow a more efficient and effective model of development. 

The newly created Coaching and Talent Specialist roles provide an excellent opportunity to align our talent and coach development programs.

Job van Bunge, the new Country Coaching and Talent Specialist in WA, is responsible for the regional areas in Western Australia. Job has visited multiple centres to grow relationships, facilitate Community Coaching courses as well as to run Coaching Workshops and talent sessions with the local coaches and players. Job explains:

“Aligning the players, coaches, associations and clubs with the Australian Way is very exciting as the global cricket landscape continues to evolve."

"With the increased focus on developing coaches, players will be provided with a more engaging learning experience which means better talent outcomes down the line. This will not only ensure that our country competitions are thriving, but will also lead to more country players representing WA.”