Cricket Australia Coaching


Take Wickets

09 October 2015

When bowling, taking a catch or throwing a ball, our players are aiming to take wickets.

We can work on taking wickets in the nets, out in the centre and using the ground. Pairs and small groups is best practice for warm ups and catching activities and when completing whole team fielding activities, ne aware to have no more than 3 in a line.

You want your pace bowlers to bowl fast with movement, Spinners to bowl with flight and spin so keep in mind that the main areas you need to observe are the bowlers grip, approach and delivery.  

You want wicketkeepers catching and controlling the ball, saving runs and help taking wickets. Keepers need to be light on their feet so this means moving their feet efficiently, have a still head and wide hands to catch the ball.

Fielders need to control and throw the ball to help save runs and take wickets. Players should be watching the ball, moving to catch or control the ball and throw the ball with accuracy, power and distance.

There are many activities you can put in place for players to develop and improve their skills in a competitive and enjoyable environment. 

Remember, if you are positive and enjoying yourself, good chance your players will and they’ll be keen to come back next week.