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T20 Coaching Seminar - Newcastle

25 May 2015

NSW Blues Coaches Trevor Bayliss and Geoff Lawson provide insights to T20 Cricket

T20 Cricket has revolutionized the modern day player.  Batsmen are now able to score 360 degrees, clear the ropes with ease and fearless when it comes to losing their wicket. Bowlers have tried to combat this with a range of tactics, deliveries and field placements.

In February 2015 NSW Blues Coaches Trevor Bayliss and Geoff Lawson delivered a seminar to aspiring coaches touching on the impact of T20 Cricket, their IPL experiences and T20 Philosophies.

Trevor’s philosophies on batting remain constant across formats “Players need to have the basics to build your game from there - Balance, being able to play off the front and back foot and composure under pressure”

Both Trevor and Geoff touched on the importance of a balanced team selection when it comes to T20 Cricket. With focus on the top 4 batsmen scoring the majority of the runs and having 5 specialist bowlers available to the captain. “Having bowlers who can execute skills under pressure is vital in T20 cricket, every ball can have a bearing on the match” Geoff Lawson said.  “We take into account which bowlers can take wickets in the power play first up and also who can close out at the innings with changes off pace and execution of plans”.

Trevor’s philosophy on team selection with the batsmen differs a lot to other coaches and franchises “A lot of teams pick the best 6 batsmen and try and fit them into the team, I like to pick players to bat in particular positions like Jordan Silk who has made the middle order spots of 5 or 6 his own. The onus is on the top 4 to make the bulk of the runs, but having a player with the adaptability of Jordan in the middle order is great as he has shown he can adapt to any situation”.

The seminar was a fascinating insight into the way 2 top coaches’ shape their teams in the modern era, whilst still maintain that the basics with bat and ball must be taught in order for players to succeed at the top level.

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