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Not coaching next season?

24 March 2016

Pass on your experience and knowledge to the next coach!

As another season draws to a close, you’re evaluating your season and wondering if you’ll take on the role next year. For some of us, that’s an easy decision – of course! For others, different life experiences might be calling and it’s time to give someone else a go. While you might not know who your successor will be, you play a role in their success. It starts by you telling everyone how rewarding coaching is and how much fun you’ve had this season! No one wants to take on a role that’s hard, takes up lots of time and isn’t rewarding – so pump it up, to everyone you speak to! Coaching can be a fabulous experience for both you and the players and a time in your life you will look back on fondly.

To help the next coach, consider:

  1. Updating your position description to ensure it accurately reflects what you actually do, at training and on match days. If you don’t have a position description – create one!
  2. Return all the equipment you used back to the club clearly labelled for the next coach to find.
  3. Forward these newsletters to them and ensure they have access to attending a coach accreditation course.
  4. Ensure the junior coordinator is aware of the need to recruit a new creative and inspiring coach and be willing to assist them to find your replacement.
  5. Finally, think of all the nuggets of gold you’ve either learnt along the way or were told at the start of your journey. Write these down and ensure your successor gets a copy!

Coaching provides us with a unique opportunity to watch our players grow, develop some skills and have success. We hope you enjoyed your time as a coach and thank you for your contribution to Australia’s favourite sport.