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Coming in soon: New online Introduction to Cricket Course

24 May 2017

The free online Introduction to Cricket course will be refreshed with new content added to be released later in 2017.

The free course is a pre-requisite for completing the face to face Community Coach Accreditation course and takes approximately 60mins to complete.

The updated course will become mobile and tablet friendly and include new videos and content designed to introduce new coaches to the game of cricket.

The National Coaching Philosophy ‘The Australia Way’ will feature and include videos on The Basics of cricket. Also included will be an explanation on the new junior formats of cricket and supporting materials including score cards to rate your players based on the skills required of players at that stage.

If you are currently enrolled in the online Introduction to Cricket course, you have until Friday 4th August to complete the course. If you have not completed the course by the 4th, you’ll be removed and will need to enroll into the new course.

To complete the course, log into